Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2015 Festival in South and North!
Naniwa Halloween Party Naniwa Halloween Party

Recently Halloween has been very widely celebrated! Especially the quality of Halloween in Osaka attracts attention around Japan. The party is for the first time to be held in the Osaka City Central Public Hall, an Important Cultural Property. With Halloween costume on, you can cruise around by boat circulating from Nakanoshima to Minami. There will be a lot of events, including a masquerade contest, fashion show, DJ, live performance. It will surely become the most exciting Halloween in Osaka!

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Minami Festival with a Dotonbori River Parade Minami Festival with a Dotonbori River ParadeBetween Minatomachi River Place and Aiaubashi Bridge, a variety of stage-boats will cruise, with a live performance of Kabuki, Yoshimoto Shinkigeki, Rakugo (comic storytelling), dance, OSK, Japanese drum, and idols on board! On the main stage, a barge-type stage under the Ebisubashi Bridge, entertainers will move from the stage-boat onto the barge-type stage and present various performances. It will be a great event first performed in Osaka Minami, including from traditional Kamigata performing arts (Kabuki and Bunraku) to modern entertainments (Yoshimoto Shinkigeki, Manzai, and conte).

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Niconico Machikaigi 2015 in Osaka Niconico Machikaigi 2015 in Osaka“Niconico Machikaigi,” which attracted much attention last year, will also be held this year. It will be renewed to reproduce more various niconico events; such as super-meeting, super-party, and battle-meeting! Minatomachi River Place will be the center of the festival, where waterways and shopping malls are mixed in the town, suitable to produce the events using the waterways and boats. The festival and visitors viewed from the boats and the waterside will be video-recorded and distributed real time as a niconico animation.
Niconico Machikaigi 2015 in Osaka1 Niconico Machikaigi 2015 in Osaka2

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Japan Girl’s Expo 2015 Japan Girl’s Expo 2015 A greedy girl’s meeting: you can experience of watching stage performances, listening live music, eating, dressing up, laughing, and having your fortune told!

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